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The Season Ahead In Ibiza With Roger Sanchez

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Originally hailing from the Dominican Republic, Roger Sanchez has been one of the most influential American house artists on the world stage for the past three decades,

Renowned for bringing a taste of the underground New York scene to the White Isle, Roger has announced his his Ibiza residency for 2013. He will play on the hallowed Space terrace on Mondays for Café Ole, beginning on 1 July and running until 16 September.

Reflecting on Roger’s return to his house roots, he plans to curate 11 weekly parties at the infamous Space Terrace featuring line-ups that combine household names such as Frankie Knuckles alongside the talent he’s fostered via his Stealth Records imprint.

I caught up with Roger backstage moments before his opening party to find out what lies ahead for summer 2013!

1) Tell us about your new concept for this season and the process behind it?

The interesting thing about Space is that I am taking over the terrace side this year. The new theme for 2013 is Café Ole, featuring an array of surreal characters that invite all who attend to immerse themselves within a utopian dream world. This simultaneously blends with what I am doing as an artist, taking my roots underground.

2) What is a typical day for you on the island, is there such a thing for you?

Every day is different but I think today is a reflection of a typical Ibiza summers day, where I began one part of my day in LA spinning a 7hour set and then jumping on the first plane here, grabbing dinner with friends and heading straight to the next gig! When I am not working I like to hit the gym and relax on the beach.

3) Speaking of beaches, favourite one on the island?

I like the private beaches more but I also enjoy Talamanca because of the chilled out vibe and Cala Bassa.

4) You mentioned the ideal utopian dream, what is that for you?

For me it really is the ability to be in an environment where people fully enjoy and allow themselves to let go emotionally, musically, and communicate. And of course having the sea around you helps as a backdrop!

5) As an artist what inspires you?

A lot of different things inspire me. It could be a piece of music, a building, nature, and definitely the connection with people. I am also very influenced by architecture.

6) What have you been doing in the studio recently?

Working on my new album called ‘Roots’, which is more focused on going back to the underground roots of my sound with a latin touch. I just dropped the first single on the album called ‘Troubleman’. I have also been collaborating with vocalists and artists such as Medina, GTO, Boy George, Rashid Ajami.

7) Which DJs do you think we should be watching out for this summer?

There are a lot of guys I really respect and admire. On the underground side there’s a new kid called Amine Edge & the guy playing before me; DJ Spen. He’s always been a classic DJ and we’re all a mini DJ family.

8) You started djiing when you were 13, tell us about that? How did that go down with your Mum!

The funny thing is at the beginning my mother didn’t quite understand it. I used to be a breakdancer so I was always immersed in music and djiing was like the next natural step. My mother definitely wasn’t too happy when I hijacked her turntables! But after a while she understood my passion and she supported me fully.

In the beginning it was all the devils music though haha.

9) Any tips for aspiring DJs?

The most important thing is to be able to really focus and have an open mind musically. If you want to progress to the next level, then you have to get in the studio. Be very open to your crowd, try to really understand them and communicate with them. That’s always been my thing, reading a crowd. It is an art that develops with time and I would advise letting it happen naturally and not rushing it.

10) Song of the summer?

Troubleman of course!

11) Your favorite hidden gem in Ibiza?

There is a fish place called Chiringito (not the beach club), over a little hill near Talamanca, near a restaurant called Sa Punta. Best seafood on the island!

12) Any particularly special parties your looking forward to this season?

Definitely the Mondays here at Space, always excited to host those. I am also really looking forward to the parties at Cala Bassa.

*This interview was conducted for The Ibiza Paper in 2013.


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Farah is a journalist, music producer, DJ and mentor. She has been at the forefront of the dance music industry for over a decade and loves to write about thought provoking musings from the underground world.

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