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Understanding the music industry is no easy feat. It is an incredibly ambiguous, turbulent and political playing field, and it still has a long way to go for gender equality. Farah has been a thought leader in this field for over a decade and provides clients with key insights from this fascinating industry.

As a speaker, Farah has received one of the highest levels of recognition by delivering a keynote speech to a sold out audience of over 1,500 people at TEDx, and strategic insights to over 7,000,000 people for the BBC.

Farah speaks regularly about the powers of music and leadership, delivering tailored keynotes and workshops around the following themes.


  • Staying resilient and navigating the music industry

  • Leadership lessons learnt through music + sports

  • Building high performance teams

  • Overcoming learning difficulties

  • DJ + production workshop

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"The unanimous feedback from Land Rover was that your speech was exceptional. Our audience was captivated from start to finish!"



Farah Nanji | Motivational Speaker | London | UK

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