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2022: From Davos To Ibiza - A Year In Review 💥

Balance | Harmony | Trust

Each year has a universal number that carry different energies that provide insight into what the year demands of us. For 2022, the number was 6 (calculated by adding 2+2+2). 6 is a nurturing energy amplifying themes of balance, harmony and unity.

It’s been over 2 years since my last blog post - needless to say the pandemic firmly challenged but also galvanised many aspects of my career. There were many lessons in finding balance and harmony from the resulting gear shifts. The spillover of collective energy on the dance floor, the racetrack and new businesses has required my full attention.

The focus of 2022 has been largely anchored around the growth of Mission Makers. What began as a podcast series in 2020 exploring the mindset and misconceptions of leaders in music, motorsports and business has now grown into a boutique podcast agency serving clients in various industries from tech unicorns in Silicon Valley to disruptive entrepreneurs in Davos. We’ve achieved several chart placements and growth for our clients and next year sees many more exciting shows come on air!

There has also been an equal amount of laser focus in the music studio with 13 tracks completed this year. Before the pandemic, one of the challenges I faced was knowing when to let go of a track. This was further magnified by the demands of touring and not being in one place long enough to finish and capture music to the essence of its transmission. Going through a very deep mental training in the last 2 years has taught me that music is a reflection of time and creativity must absolutely be captured in those initial few days of creation.

Over the summer, John Digweed was the first DJ to play one of my upcoming releases in Transitions 921 and it acted as a huge catalyst to let go of many productions I had been over analysing. I’ve also been really lucky to receive mentorship from Atish, Subb-an and Francesco Mami who have pushed me to go above and beyond the frequencies of limitations. I’m therefore really happy to share with you that my first few tracks are officially being released on Sol Selectas and Mobilee early next year under my new alias, N1NJA!!



✅ Became a lecturer at Point Blank Music School in Record Deals + Branding

✅ Moved to Davos to produce the Lan Space Summit during the World Economic Forum

✅ Interviewed Lee Burridge on the Mission Makers podcast. Watch Here

✅ DJ’d for 12 astronauts at the Steelyard for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 16

✅ Interviewed the astronaut, Dr. Sian Proctor, in Davos

✅ Interviewed Deepak Chopra in Davos

✅ Appeared on Bloomberg for the production of Lan Space in Davos

✅ Interviewed 9 music industry leaders during Amsterdam Dance Event from the founders of, Bye Bye Plastic, IMS + more. Listen back to the series here.

✅ Mission Makers receives several chart placements including 15th in the overall Global Business Charts

✅ Delivered several motorsports events for Regents Racing at the Royal Automobile Club and more with the club growing our membership by 65% this year. You can apply to join us here.


WHAT’S NEXT? With Davos round the corner, my full focus for January is moderating, djiin’ and facilitating for House of Balance and Finnish Flow. Both are incredible spaces with transformation and conscious leadership at the core. At House of Balance I’ll also be debuting an exclusive track I recorded with samples from my conversation with Deepak with guided meditation and movement workshops. The track is a sonic exploration of our conscious evolution and the crossroads we face. It features stunning sacred Indian instruments against a backdrop of hypnotic techno. If you’d like more information on how to join the events in Davos, please reach out to me directly. Mission Makers has put together over 50 panels, moderations and workshops in Davos over the last few years and we’re looking forward to creating more empowering conversations in the mountains in 2023! We frequently get asked on speaking opportunities so we put together this article here with our top tips, which you can also listen to in our podcast here. There’s also a lot of information for first time attendees at Davos. On January 11th, I’ll be airing my conversation with Deepak Chopra on the Mission Makers podcast so stay tuned for that! February and March also sees my releases on Sol Selectas and Mobilee. I’ll be throwing an exclusive party at Kadies London on February 18th with a DJ set all night long to celebrate. Send me a message if you’d like to join. I’m also creating a WhatsApp group for my inner circle of music supporters, so let me know if you’d like to be added to that. Regents Racing has karting booked for 11th February and an exclusive dinner at the Royal Automobile Club on 18th February before Kadies. We are also planning an exciting roadtrip to the Dolomites from London via the Nurburgring and St Moritz in September. For more information on our adventures, send me an email. Mission Makers will be launching Season 4 of the podcast from Spring with a former Formula 1 driver turned DJ, and the agency is also adding a consultancy service to our portfolio. Get in touch if you’d like some of our guidance on levelling up or creating your pod!


According to numerology, 2023 carries auras of discovery, intuition and compassion as we search for new ways to understand ourselves and the ever changing world around us. As I wrap up the year in Ibiza creating one final musical soundtrack for 2022, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your support and for our inspiring exchanges. I wish that the harmony of the holidays brings peace and prosperity into the new year for you.

Happy New Year + Here's A Musical Gift For 2023 From Me To You!

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