When music is your yin and racing is your yang, it’s no surprise that London born Farah Nanji, has had some of the world’s wisest stages spinning into transcendent circles for the last decade.

Recently described by DJ MAG as a 'fast rising, mega talented star' (www.djmag.com/news/ninja-tune-essentials) Farah has been obsessed with

Driven by enchantment and refinement, she seeks to paint her creative canvas through an extraordinary exploration of live instruments inspired heavily by her ethnic roots, which stem back to the Indian and African subcontinents.

These hypnotic sounds are then looped into pulses of deep tech and techno waves, creating an emotive experience for the listener.

For the last 5 years, Farah has been collaborating closely with a team of accomplished musicians to fuse together the worlds of techno and electronic guitar with pulsating basslines and trippy riffs, creating a very surreal + avant-garde experience. The name of this showcase is ’NINJA & ACCOMPLICES’.

In 2015, Farah was spotted by DC-10 resident + Logic Certified Trainer, Francesco Mami, who took her under his wings and taught her the magic of music production.

She is currently working on her first album, The 13th Code, which is a cosmic journey around numerology + the galaxy + is set to debut in 2018.

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